Really active blog, eh?

Priorities have a tendency to change when you have faced a life-threatening disease like cancer, so I haven’t been very active with this blog. I have tried to stay very busy and active in other areas of life, but my blogging and writing, other than my blog at Security Corner, has taken a back seat.

Since my last post almost a year ago, I have accomplished the following (and then some):

  • Finished radiation and chemotherapy for throat cancer.
  • Learned to eat again (the cancer surgery removed most of my larynx)
  • Upgraded to Amateur General Class and Amateur Extra Class license grades
  • Re-affirmed my marriage vows in the Catholic Church with my lovely wife, Peggy
  • Changed my amateur radio call sign to W4KGH to make it more personal.
  • Continued to pursue my artistic tendencies with visual arts, since I can no longer sing

More later.