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Ken with Guitar

Ken Harthun is a renaissance man [Definition: a man who is interested in and knows a lot about many things] who has worked professionally as a writer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, graphic artist, photographer, engineer, research scientist, technician, computer geek, online entrepreneur, counselor, and business executive. During the regional oil and gas boom in the early 1980’s, Ken made significant discoveries and advances in the field of Radiometrics — the art of finding oil and gas deposits using surface radioactivity measurements — and served as V.P. of Operations and consultant to several independent oil and gas exploration firms.

He currently serves as Network Administrator for a local career college and writes professionally for TechTarget’s IT Knowledge Exchange in his Security Corner blog exploring computer and online security issues.

In his spare time Ken enjoys spending time with his family, reading, cooking, pursuing his Amateur Radio hobby (call sign W4KGH), and collecting and restoring antique radios. He repairs and refurbishes computers and is building an online marketing business.

His true passion lies in the field of aesthetics and the creation of poetry, art and music. He can often be found in his studio with his guitar or artist instruments in hand. After completing treatment for throat cancer in November, 2013, Ken is busy rehabilitating his speaking and singing voice.

Here is a comment from Ken’s daughter, Amie: “Happy Father’s Day to the best father I could ever have! He is a science nerd, an amazing musician, a fantastic artist, and possibly the greatest writer ever. Not to mention he is completely insane and proud of it. He wouldn’t give me answers growing up, he made me search for them. He encouraged me to explore the universe, to learn, to BE, and to question everything. My love of art and music, I credit to him. He and my mother are the greatest parents and support team anyone could ever have! Happy Father’s Day, dad! I love you!

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